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Signed Bernard B. Perry; addressed to Walter White; proposing remunerative and technical terms of his offer to publish a book-bound edition of "An Appeal to the World," the NAACP's petition to the United Nations.

Concerning the decision to be made concerning the future of Somaliland as an independent nation free from Italian rule.

Thanking him for his letter; describing the pain of Peter Abrahams's leaving her (for Daphne Elizabeth Miller); and noting the "nightmarish[ly] unreal" feel of her life now.

Mentioning that she read in a U.S. newspaper about his good news, perhaps referencing the acquittal of his case, and mentioning that she received good news from the Gold Coast concerning new building developments and that she wishes she were an…

Thanking him for his order for one copy of "Who's Who" and noting it will be shipped as soon as its new edition is published.

Describing his "attitude towards imperialism" and thoughts on Africa; outlining his study "which I may title 'Africa, the arena that comes next'"; and seeking, from the Council on African Affairs, a $200 loan to fund these and like pursuits.

Describing the proceedings of the Academy's November 22 dinner, effectively conferring the Wendell L. Willkie Award to Emperor Haile Selassie, honoring Academy founder and president K. Ozuomba Mbadiwe and featuring addressed by Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit,…

Drafted by W. E. B. Du Bois; inviting recipients to a reception for the recently-back-from-Paris composer and personal friend Dean Dixon.

Explaining that columnist David Talbot left for service in Ethiopia and asking if Du Bois would handle the vacant column, "Things Worth Noting."

Concerning details for the third Pan African Congress in Lisbon, Spain and London, England.
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