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Business card of Dalip Singh Gill, from the "Afghanistan Press". Back of card says "Mangal Singh editor of 'Akali' Amritsar, India".

Blank postcard of Bucharest's University Square.

Concerning certificate of status as Assistant Secretary for the 1921 Pan African Congress.

Concerning possible acquisition of South African colonies by the United States. Signed on November 20 by Simple Simon. Filed with material on the Pan African Congress.

Records translate by Victor P. Smolnikoff in January 1959, Du Bois visited the hospital December 30th, 1958.

Describing in brief the racial breakdown of land ownership in South Africa; credited to "Olivier, p. 100."

Reporting a rebellion incited by African Americans in Kinshasa, Congo. From the Dispatch.

From Le Temps, regarding activity at the second Pan African Congress.

Essay by unknown author on the background of the Rosenberg trial, addressing "the detonating mechanism" thereof, describing "the alleged conspiracy," the testimony and personal background of David Greenglass, and the doling of the death sentence.
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