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Two clippings sent by Harry Dreis and wife on Du Bois's visit to St. Croix, V.I, and J. Robert Oppenheimer's return to his island home in Saint John for a short vacation.

Passport No. 2285316. Passport notes that it "is not valid for travel to or in communist controlled portions of China, Korea, Viet-nam, or to or in areas of Albania, Hungary."

Du Bois discusses the current political environment in Africa; the launch of "the Soviet space rocket"; the Conference of Youth in Asia and Africa to be held in Cairo; and unrest in the Congo. There is a handwritten "OK W.E.B.D" on page 3.

Visiting card of Juro Furuta (b. 1921), professor at the Aoyama Gakuin School of Business in Tokyo.

Reporting a rebellion incited by African Americans in Kinshasa, Congo. From the Dispatch.

Provisionally listing, by country, the Delegation members' assignments to the Conference's various commissions and committees.

Listing the names and affiliations of the individuals formally representing some of the American groups and associations participating in the United Nations Conference (see mums312-b108-i393 for more exhaustive rendering).

Listing the names and professional affiliations of the Conference's Core Committee, and describing in brief the duties thereto assigned.

Prepared by G. H. Adams; describing at length the Delegation's observations on and reactions to the recent report of the Trusteeship Council and outlining the United Kingdom's perspectives and planned actions in light thereof.

Two invitations to Madame Siegfried and Madame Belgarde for the first Pan African Congress, written in English and intended for translation into French.
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