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Signed Henry A. Atkinson; thanking him for his comprehensive and well-received address at the Union's June 16-18 Conference on Religion and noting the rapidly-progressing plans for the organization's "future work in bringing the religious leaders of…

Regarding the interpretation of an editorial written by Du Bois on the history of the war, and the possibility of Terrell attending the Second Pan African Congress.

Draft of a circular letter (item: mums312-b136-i409) concerning indignation throughout the world towards the white-supremacy program of the Malan government, mentioning the national "Campaign of Defiance of Unjust Laws," and announcing an emergency…

Signed Madison Bentley; regarding his "wholly preliminary" conversation with Archibald MacLeish concerning the Library's involvement in the "Encyclopedia of the Negro" project.

Thanking him for his interest in the very rare "History of Haiti or Hispaniola" by Bassett; describing the terms of its sale to another prospective buyer; and hoping to "strike a happy medium" with him should that arrangement fall through.

Regarding Herskovits's interest in writing for "Encyclopedia of the Negro".

Complimenting him on the prefatory volume of the "Encyclopedia of the Negro" and commenting briefly on the inadequacy of its coverage of certain areas. (See mums312-b119-i008 for W. E. B. Du Bois's reply.)

Thanking him for the $100 check from the Phelps-Stokes Fund and inquiring into the status of the "Encyclopedia of the Negro"'s final list of entries.

Outlining the musical program on board the N.Y.K. Line M.S. Matsuta Maru on December 22, 1936, featuring various marches, waltzes, tangos, and "Japanese music."

Relaying his thoughts on the London/Paris location of the Fifth Pan African Congress and requesting he inform him at once if he should apply for a passport.
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