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Addressed to Jerome K. Wilcox; describing the aims, scope and physical formats of the Pan-African Congress, and noting it has produced no publications.

Explaining that she is writing a paper on Kenya and would like any information Du Bois could provide her with.

Concerning a request for materials on Russia. From W. E. B. Du Bois' secretary.

Signed "Betty"; enclosing a set of clippings she hopes he'll find "useful or interesting -- or maybe both" and reminding him to "take me seriously" about a certain article on Haiti.

Explaining that he does not think that the "Manchester Guardian" ran his letter, but that he has sent it to forty papers all over the "Old World," and mentioning that the bookseller across from the British Museum never fails to ask about Du Bois.

Signed Margaret Cleeve, secretary; enclosing various articles "on the Relations between Africa and Europe, with special reference to the social and economic conditions of the Negroes."

Relaying the logistical details of his impending arrival in Cuba.

In answer to their recent correspondence regarding the shipment of a marble bust from the Harmon Foundation to Elizabeth Prophet in Paris (see mums312-b057-i480), informing them that he would now rather the item be transferred to the office of "Theā€¦

Stating the N.A.A.C.P.'s position on U.S. involvement in Liberia.

Addressed to Theodore Bayer; enclosing a 3500-word article "which you may use if you wish."
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