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Signed R. A. Resika, Treasurer; reproducing excerpts from Richard Morford's various letters from the Soviet Union and briefly summarizing the Council's current pressing needs and focuses.

Explaining the enclosed issue of "Free France." Written on French Press and Information Service stationary.

Follow up letter to mums312-b086-i361 concerning a meeting of the Phelps-Stokes Fund in which "great regret was expressed at our failure up to the present to finance the 'Encyclopedia of the Negro Project' " and there was a "determination not to give…

Flach's article in tribute to Kühnert on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, reprinted from the magazine Rudolstädter, and sent to Du Bois with in 1958 by the doctor himself. See also bibliography, mums312-b147-i023.

Offering suggestions for disposition of old copies of the "University Hymns" and requesting Loram's student assistants to help with revisions to the prospectus volume of the "Encyclopedia of the Negro". Copy for W. E. B. Du Bois.

Concerns state primary elections and prospects for strengthening the Republican party in the southern United States. Expresses interest in Du Bois's views on Russia. Written on Atlanta University letterhead.

Du Bois welcomes Sik to Accra. Enclosure not with letter.

Concerning finances for the third Pan African Congress.

Speaks to the economic waste of war productions; seeks to end exploitation of native-labour for capitalistic projects to regain peace; proposes the flooding of areas in North Africa with the possibility of reclaiming the Sahara region; insists on…

Naming various individuals who have agreed to collaborate on the "Encyclopedia of the Negro" and seeking his referral to further scholars "in your circle of acquaintances" whose contributions might also be desirable.
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