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Signed Mrs. Harold Lachman, Chairman, Book Committee; noting that "The World and Africa" was featured in the Brotherhood's latest "Reading for Democracy" book list and inviting him to speak under the organization's auspices during his next visit to…

Signed Bernard R. Kesselman, Chairman; inviting him to deliver a lecture on "Africa, its cultural heritage and present problems," at the Union's February 10, 1949 celebration of "Negro History Week."

Concerning Du Bois' proposal for an article on Ethiopia.

Providing a statement made by the American Peace Crusade on the development of the Peoples Congress for Peace in Vienna.

Writing to confirm the logistics of W. E. B. Du Bois receiving the International Peace prize at the October 1953 Chicago conference on peaceful negotiations.

Mentioning that according to a new gallop poll, the majority of Americans want peace in Korea.

Outlining the steps and foundations of a new 'Chicago' plan geared towards the total restoration of peace in Korea and urging Americans and all world citizens to promote civil and unarmed negotiations towards that end.

Concerning Du Bois's acceptance to serve on the Sponsoring Committee of the American Commemoration of the Centenary of the Death of the great Russian poet A. S. Pushkin.

Urging the reader to "help get the enclosed facts to our people and speed the day when we agree to end the [nuclear] tests".

Signed Holland Roberts, President; inviting readers to a February 6 address by Scott Nearing on "The Soviet Union After Sputnik."
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