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Expressing his interest in the impending Colonial Conference, describing his recommendations for its structure and coordination, and pledging the American Council on Race Relations's willingness to participate therein.

Thanking Mackay, journalist and former teacher, for her review of Du Bois's book, "The Souls of Black Folk" in the New Zealand newspaper, the Otago Witness.

A reply regarding planning for the Fourth Pan African Congress and work done by the Circle for Peace and Foreign Relations.

Concerning invitation to the 1921 Pan African Congress.

Du Bois writes of his hope for a peace movement in the United States.

Per his request (mums312-b153-i301), enclosing an outline of the plan to compile an Encyclopedia Africana and noting his impending departure for Romania.

Sent by Council President Frédéric Joliot-Curie; congratulating him on his 83rd birthday and expressing his "profound admiration [of] your courageous inspiring efforts for a victorious peace."

Seeking his estimate "of the amount of the world's habitable land that was in the hands of colored people prior to World War I," for use in an impending lecture on the background of "the Korean situation," and thanking him in advance for the…

Thanking him once more for his help and correspondence and delighting in the honor of having known him personally; describing her upcoming return to Hamburg and then London; and reflecting briefly on her marriage and the prospects for her children.
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