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Concerning the night session of the Pan African Congress.

Concerning a request for materials on Russia. From W. E. B. Du Bois' secretary.

Signed "Betty"; enclosing a set of clippings she hopes he'll find "useful or interesting -- or maybe both" and reminding him to "take me seriously" about a certain article on Haiti.

Concerning details of the Second Pan African Congress including a breakdown of the sessions held, delegates and expenses.

Asking for information on the corporation formed in Japan called "The New Development Corporation," and any figures available on the total foreign investments made by U.S. citizens over a period of years.

A hand-drafted note listing the French ministers of colonies and their respective charges.

List of institutions interested in the preparation of an encyclopedia in various languages.

Blank postcard of Bucharest's C. I. Parhon University.

Announcing Du Bois will lecture in the middle west in march of 1938, "on the history of African and the present revolt."

Detailing the subjects and reading to be discussed at W. E. B. Du Bois's weekly seminar on "African Liberation Struggles," and designating various guest lecturers for their imparting.
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