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Admission ticket for W. E. B. Du Bois and a guest to attend the sessions of the All-Soviet Peace Conference from August 25-27, 1949.

Explaining that he does not think that the "Manchester Guardian" ran his letter, but that he has sent it to forty papers all over the "Old World," and mentioning that the bookseller across from the British Museum never fails to ask about Du Bois.

Mentioning that she read in a U.S. newspaper about his good news, perhaps referencing the acquittal of his case, and mentioning that she received good news from the Gold Coast concerning new building developments and that she wishes she were an…

Signed Margaret Roberts, Assistant Secretary; expressing the Bureau's interest in the Encyclopedia Africana; offering to assist "with any financial contribution"; but offering no detailed comments on its elaboration.

Congratulating him on the course of his career; praising "Africa and the World" [sic] and relaying trouble acquiring a copy; requesting he send on "if you can spare one"; and wishing him well.

Introducing himself and describing his background, education, and research interests; and hoping to be able to meet him in Ghana, or else to receive a reply.

Outlining the aims and prospective proceedings of an October 22-26 conference in Boston on "Africa and the United States: Images and Realities," and listing sponsoring and affiliated organizations.

Outlining the proceedings of the Conference on Africa, moderated by W. E. B. Du Bois; listing the function's speakers, features, corporate sponsors, and affiliated publishers; listing the bookstores which have contributed works to "Operation Ghana";…

George Loft's coverage of the prospect of establishing "a Wider Quaker Fellowship in Africa" and the possibilities for such a project's relative success and reception.
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