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Concerning a possible article on sea chanteys of Black origin and the publication of Cuney-Hare's manuscript on the History of African American music.

Concerning Du Bois's return from Africa and Portugal. Accounts the loss of a cane given to Du Bois by Simango. Written on scrap with writing about a village on reverse.

Clarifying that he will not be in New York until February of that year and suggesting that they might meet at that time.

Informing Du Bois that Academician Skobeltsin is trying to obtain a passport to travel to the U.S. to present Du Bois with the peace prize.

Mentioning that for the past 40 years, he has heard W. E. B. Du Bois give scores of addresses, and never once did Du Bois give him any reason to believe that he is connected to a foreign government.

Concerning the question of whether a black sailor, Pedro Alonso Nino, accompanied Christopher Columbus on his voyage to America and the claims of Daniel A. P. Murray, of the Library of Congress, on this subject.

Concerning an invitation to a conference on Liberty to be held by the National Civil Liberties Bureau of London and New York.

Signed "Canadian student in Paris"; donating three Canadian dollars to the fund, as "this is the best use I can think of" for them.

Thanking him for the enclosures and information provided in his latest correspondence (mums312-b051-i382); enclosing payment for international subscription to "The Crisis"; once again speculating about possible mention of Paul Robeson in the December…

Includes list of honorary pallbearers and speakers.
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